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Digital camera scuba goggles capture underwater magic

Imagine filming effortlessly as you explore the fantasy land of sea creatures. A hands-free camera easily captures underwater action as you swim. The wide-angle scuba series HD322 dive mask from Liquid Image has an integrated digital camera mounted right above your forehead.

Bright 4.7 watt LED Torch side lights illuminate the area for bright still images and vibrant video. Accessories include blue water and green water filters that will enhance the picture. The filters are intended for use in natural sunlight. The blue water filter is for shallow green fresh and salt water, while the green water filter is for shallow blue-green tropical fresh and salt water.

The water resistant high definition video camera records HD 720P [1280×720] at 30fps along with 5.0MP still images up to a depth of 40m [130ft]. The swim mask uses a micro SD/SDHC card slot. Although it comes with 2GB card, you can expand memory to 32GB, for images that your friends will envy.

If you want to stay in the water all day, you can record 16 hours of video. However, you?ll have to come up for air, and to replace the four AAA lithium batteries every two hours if you run video all that time.

Liquid Image's Goggle Camera
Liquid Image’s Goggle Camera

Seen at CES, the Liquid Image mask has lever style buttons, easy to press even if you are wearing diving gloves. LED lights inside the mask tell you which photo mode to use. The crosshairs in the tempered-glass goggle lenses help you compose the shot within the new wide angle. When you get home and dry off, just download the images by plugging the mask into the USB port of your PC or Mac. Software for editing comes with the unit.

Summer is on its way, and so is the release of the latest Liquid Image scuba camera mask. With an expected price tag of $350, it should be available in the US this June. So, you still have time to practice your flipper kicks, and to get ready to record some fantastic memories. If you are still in winter mode and skiing the slopes, Liquid Image has a line of snow camera goggles, also.