Tyme courts fans with Twilight Saga New Moon ?Cullen Crest? USB drive

Tyme Mahcines is the maker of novelty USB flash drives; as many of you know they make Star Wars themed drives in the form of Yoda, Boba Fet, Darth Vader and others. Well now Tyme Machines has branched out to another group of fans [well fanatics really], these are the ?Twilighters?. The Tyme Machine?s Cullen Crest USB Flash Drive is meant for all Twilighters.  It is a USB flash drive that is sculpted into the form of the Cullen Family crest. As an added bonus the Cullen Crest USB also includes the complete New Moon Soundtrack.

The Cullen Crest USB came in a plastic covering, the same type you would find on a peg in a store like Hot Topic, Target or Best Buy.

Inside it has a piece of cardboard in it that has pictures of the main characters in the movie and also describes the product. On the back there is a list of the sounds found on the New Moon soundtrack.

The Cullen Crest
The outer shell of the USB drive is actually formed into the Cullen Crest that they made for the movie Twilight. Because of this it is pretty bulky and will cover 2 full USB ports if they are side by side. As we mentioned the crest is actually sculpted plastic [ok probably injection molded not really sculpted] it is not your typical sticker stuck on. This means that it should be quite durable and last for some time.

Although it only has 2 GB of space on it, it is still great for you to put all your schoolwork or homework on. Like many USB flash drives, it has a hole at the top for if you want to put a lanyard on it [to display proudly].

As we mentioned earlier the besides the nicely molded Cullen Crest outer shell you also get the full New Moon soundtrack.

It is not a bunch of MP3s stuck on the drive though. Instead Tyme Machines has placed these songs on a section of read-only memory that shows up on your system as an audio CD.

This means that you will not have to worry about deleting them if you have to format the flash drive. Of course the fact that it is completely Twilight based and covers a little from both movies makes this even more likely to end up being any Twlighter Girl?s USB flash drive of choice. I am sure many girls would happily replace even a larger drive this this one. I would totally do the same.

As the Cullen Crest USB is both an audio CD and a flash drive, I wanted to cover both aspects of its performance. These were the speed of the flash drive, and the quality of the audio CD. The CD on it worked just as a regular CD would. As we mentioned above, it shows up as one in Windows Explorer. The music was not exactly my taste but it was very good quality. It wasn?t like when you listen to music off Youtube. They just put the microphone close to the speaker and it is nothing like that.  Unfortunately the flash drive portion is rather slow. In my testing the drive never performed faster than 1MB/s. This makes it a bad choice for moving large files around as files over 10MB simply take FOREVER.

As a side note if your parents are using Windows 7 Parental controls and they are blocking applications you will need them to install the drive on their administrator profile before it will work properly. If you try to install it on a protected profile, the drive and sound track will just not show up in Windows Explorer or device manager.

The Twilight saga New Moon ?Cullen Crest? USB drive will run you about $33 or. That is pretty pricey for a USB that?s only 2 GB, but it does include the complete New Moon soundtrack. As you can pick up the New Moon soundtrack on CD for $9.99 at Hottopic.com and a USB at Staples or some place like that is about $10, you are paying $10 extra for the outer shell and the design. If you consider that a plastic [Lucite] key ring with the Cullen Crest on it will cost another $20 it actually is a decent deal. But, to be honest, I am not sure if it?s worth it at that price, then again I am not obsessed with the movies as much as I was when the Twilight craze started.

The Twilight saga New Moon ?Cullen Crest? USB drive is a girl?s geeky Twilight dream. I like the quality of the audio from the sound track and the fact that you did not have to worry about losing the songs. I do feel that it is a little pricey at $33, give the performance and bulk. However, I can tell you that when I first saw it I could not wait to get it and have enjoyed showing it off to all my friends. Over all I love it and I thing that every girl that is in love with Edward Cullen [or Jasper or Carlisle] should seriously think about picking one up!