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Apple iPad is old news?shown in 2006


In the past, MADTV did a sketch on their semi-popular TV show that featured various comedians. This show did a parody on Apple products and their incessant need to label everything i____ whatever.

Needless to say, it looks like Apple?s lack of creativity in naming might bite them back in the butt. Why might you ask? Because the iPad that MADTV did a sketch about was neither a pad you write on, nor a pad you watch anything on. This is a pad that is commonly associated with feminine products. So, we?re not quite sure if Apple was aware of this interesting naming convention? but we found the fact that Apple decided to name this product the iPad to be a very poor choice considering the current circumstances. They would have been much better off just calling it the iTablet, not that it?s any more creative? just a safer name.

Here is the video we?re talking about. Clearly an Apple product and clearly mocking them? I guess Apple enjoys feed off of the mockery and then magnifying it even more once they release a product with the very same name. I?m sure the writers at MADTV thought that their ludicrous name would never have been adopted within Apple, they thought wrong. The writers at MADTV are in fact oracles of apple product names to come?

Nevertheless, if you?d like a more detailed explanation about the iPad you can check out our analysis of the internal hardware and more specifically the A4 chip that drives the tablet.

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