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Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta giveaway from i3d.net = epic fail

So everyone is interested in trying the new Battlefield Bad Company beta game. And to play the game you need a beta key. And to get a hold of the key you need to enter some of the giveaways.
Well most of the time that is not that big of a problem because those giveaways are giving just a few keys.
So today on www.i3d.net web page it was another giveaway and it said that they are giving thousands of keys[you can imagine how many people will come to this page, maybe 10 thousand or more]: Thousands of more keys will be available,Saturday 15:00 CET.

In 14.55 the site was down and on their forum the people were discussing about it, most of them very angry because they were waiting for it for few hours. Well ok, those things happen but after one hour it was a new announcement on the page :Thousands of keys more will be available, Saturday 17:00 CET. Once again the people on forums were angry, most of them are different time zones like +8 and they’ve been waiting whole day for it.
Also on the page an announcement appeared that the giveaway will be now on http://forum.badcompany2.com/ because the site is experiencing some technical difficulties.

On that forum one of the rules for the giveaway was a rule that you need to have 25+ posts on forum.i3d.net. We, like maybe thousands of people went on the forum to spam those 25 posts and 5 minutes before 17h the forum was down. Also in that time the forum.badcompany2.com was also down saying 500- internal server error and the web page is not available.

45 minutes later both sites are still down, and during that time I tried to send a PM to the admin of that forum, succeeded after half an hour and he simply answered you can try the next giveaway.

I must say that I love playing new games especially testing beta games, but this was ridiculous. I had an impression like they are treating us like they are superior and like they are toying with people that are willing to test the game.