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Steam: Godzilla of Digital Distribution reaches 25M accounts

If you feel that PC gaming is dead or is in danger, you might want to read what the actual truth is. When we started covering Steam Hardware Survey, we knew that Steam is the largest survey of hardware users in the world. Recently, we learned how big it actually is – 25 million accounts worldwide.

According to an annual press release by Valve Corporation, Steam digital content distribution service surpassed 25 million active accounts, a massive 25% year-on-year growth. As a comparison, more active accounts were activated in a single year than the number of residents of Croatia or Finland. If Steam was a country, it would be ranked as world’s 47th country by population. Now, that’s real Republic of [PC] Gamers.

More stats were also released: for instance, those 25 million accounts experienced an average of 13 billion minutes i.e. 216 million hours overall or over nine million days each and every month. Overall, you’re looking at more than 156 billion minutes, 2.6 billion hours or 108 million days in a course of a single year.

As you might imagine, it turns out that Steam is doing much more for PC Gaming than the almost-invisible PC Gaming Alliance. Currently, Steam hosts over 1000 games from more than 100 developers and publishers located in different corners of planet Earth. During 2010, we will continue to closely monitor Steam’s Hardware Survey here at BSN*.