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IE8 becomes the most used web-browser in the World


Research Development firm Net Applications released their browser market share report for January 2010. This report showed that Internet Explorer 8 became the most popular browser on Windows platform with 27.9% usage share and has 25.6% of market share across all operating systems. With this 25.6%, IE8 has become the most popular browser on the world.

There are many reasons people choose which browser to use. According to researchers, vast majority of users just want to know and trust the company behind their browser and are looking for a browser that protects them and their privacy online. According to the report, Internet Explorer 8 performed over 350 million malware blocks since launch, giving an average of just over two million blocks per day for IE8’s SmartScreen Filter.

Phishing is also a very serious threat to people browsing the Internet today. It is a criminal attempt to secure people?s personal information online, generally spread through email directing unsuspecting consumers to fake websites and asking them to enter private information. Also Internet Explorer 7 and 8 have blocked a total of over 125 million phishing sites.

Just from few days ago Google is recommending that people update their browsers and move off older versions, such as the Internet Explorer 6. Moving to new updated browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 brings benefits for all user, customers and developers.