Happy 6th birthday Facebook!


If we would judge Facebook by the number of users, it would be the fourth biggest country in the world. Facebook was launched on February 4th, 2004 and in only nine months following the launch, this social network managed to gather 100 million active users. Six years later, over 350 million users have their accounts on this service.

Facebook was originally created by the group of American computer science students from Harvard University. However, only one person worked on the project while the others were busy enjoying the student life. Ultimately, Mark Zuckerberg developed an alternative network that became Facebook and Mark is today’s Facebook majority shareholder and CEO. 

Over the years Facebook was subject of many debates and it is even blocked or limited in several countries like China, Vietnam, Iran and Syria. Today, the numbers are even bigger. Around half of all the Facebook users log in at least once a day. About 35 million users, or 10% – change their status at least once a day. Looking at a monthly statistics, every month around 3.5 billion weblinks, news stories, blog posts notes, photo albums and many more are shared with other Facebook users.

If you wondered how many people are connected, the average user has around 130 friends, and he or she will send eight friendship requests a month, and stay on Facebook for about 55 minutes per day [just enough to harvest, plow and seed in Farmville :-P].

Today more than 70% of Facebook users live outside of US. Currently, more than 65 million users are accessing Facebook through their mobile phones. In our opinion, this says enough about the future path for this social network. Interestingly though, mobile phone users are 50% more active than the users that go there by computer.