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Seagate launches the Savvio 10k.4 6Gbps SAS 2.5-inch 600GB HDD


Seagate is undeniably one of the leaders in enterprise class storage. They have [for many years] been the name you went to if you needed speed a reliability. Today they are no less of a leader in the industry and can be found in almost every server/workstation manufacturers systems. Their offerings are very broad and even now include the world?s first 2.5-inch enterprise class SSD, the Pulsar. So where does this leave their other more traditional magnetic storage?

To put it bluntly, SSDs are not going to kill off traditional magnetic storage any time soon. The reasons for this are many but include things like cost, RAID performance [or the lack thereof], write performance [sustained and random], and even the lack of true standards for manufacture. This means that there is still [and always will be] a place for the traditional HDD. 

Seagate recognizes this and has been hard at work developing supporting drives to complement their lineup. One of these is the Savvio 10k.4 line.  This is a new SAS [Serial Attached SCSI] 6GB/s drive that not only has the largest capacity in its class [600GB] but also has an industry leading 2 million hours mean time between failure [MTBF].

The Savvio 10k.4 is the fourth generation of the Savvio line. This means that it is a mature design and product, something that enterprise class customers want and need in their systems. With the 10k.4 Seagate has also managed some decent improvements over the last generation.

As you can see overall performance has been bumped up a bit, while Seagate has also opened up additional options for connectivity with 4GB/s Fiber Channel support. Seagate has also added more than a few ?first-in class? features.

The Savvio 104.4 is the first HDD to offer Protection Information [when combined with a PI complaint controller]. PI is, in its simplest terms, a form of CRC or parity that helps to prevent data corruption in flight. To do this the Savio 10k.4 uses 8-bits of PI at the LBA boundaries. The Savvio 10k.4 also comes with Seagate PowerChoice. This is a T10 compliant power management that is capable of giving up to a 60% power savings over a 15k RPM 3.5-inch HDD. This helps to save money in power consumption and cooling needs.

For sensitive data Seagate offers a self-encrypting option for the Savvio. This is a government grade [TCG-compliant] encryption option that can help to reduce the over costs of keeping data secure.

The Savvio 10k.4 is an excellent drive for companies looking to reduce the costs associated with running large storage arrays. By combining high-capacity with good power savings, and small form factor the Savio is an excellent alternative to those that cannot afford the higher cost Pulsar SSDs. We asked Seagate how the Savvio 10k.4 fits into the enterprise market with the new Pulsar and were told that they feel the Savio 10k4 offers a better price point and overall TOC for certain storage needs. Seagate also did not feel that these drives [Pulsar and Savio] would be direct competitors. Both offer something different to the market and can be easily combined in the same systems to give the best performance that each has to offer. We are looking forward to seeing what these can do under synthetic and real world testing in the near future.