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Shattered Horizon is free to play, 50% off this weekend


Futuremark’s first game, Shattered Horizon is going to be on sale on Steam this weekend. The game will be free to download and play from Friday evening to Sunday evening, while in case you want to continue playing, the game will be on offer for just $9.99, 50% of its standard retail price of 19.99. Europe is unfortunately getting the EUR 9.99 treatment.

You can play the whole game during the weekend, including the latest DLC [Downloadable Content], map pack called Moonrise. In any case, this is one of my favorite indie games of all times, so I am looking forward to some new weightless cannon fodder coming in this week.

What makes Shattered Horizon special is the reason that this game offers playing the game in real three dimensions – up, down, left and right – first game after Descent and some Unreal Tournament levels to offer that level of depth. In any case, good call.