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Microsoft "opens a can of whoop-ass" on Google, Cisco, IBM

The battle for every customer in segment of services is on. As a part of its aggressive strategy, Microsoft launched Why Microsoft website, where the company pitches its products against Cisco, IBM, Google and Oracle/SUN, i.e. OpenOffice.

Videos hosted there are in general, politically correct and state advantages Microsoft have over competition. However, Microsoft recently decided to turn things up by a notch and started to produce videos that openly attack its competitors. First off was is the video "Microsoft compared to Google – Total Value Overview". As you can imagine, this is not exactly your typical "your mouse clicks faster in our application" kinda video. What you have is an open attack on Google’s concept cloud-based services, citing product incompatibility and many other reasons why you should not consider them at all.

You can see the video here:

What gives comedy value to this whole situation is the fact that Microsoft is hosting this video on Google-owned YouTube video service. That’s right, attack on Google is hosted by Google itself. From one side, it looks like Microsoft is fighting Google in their own backyard and from another – a sad reminder that Microsoft doesn’t have a similar service in its product & services portfolio.