Logitech Launches New G-Series of Products


Just in line with the start of Back 2 School 2010 shopping season, Logitech just announced a whole new line of gaming peripherals focused towards the extreme gamer. With this new line, Logitech ups the ante by increasing the functionality and performance of their existing gaming product line.

First, we have the G510 keyboard which is the first keyboard since the original G15, which has been one of the most sought after keyboards of all time. Many people, especially MMO players have complained about the lack of programmable keys on the latest keyboards from Logitech and it really looks like Logitech has listened and brought back the 18 programmable keys that were initially introduced with the G15 keyboard way back when.

Unfortunately, though, Logitech has still opted for the rigid LCD which means that you cannot adjust the angle of the screen to reflect where you may be sitting. The nice thing with the G510 is that it takes elements of the G15 and G19 and puts them into a very attractive feature package allowing for a various array of colors on the keyboard that the G15 simply did not have. The listed MSRP for this keyboard is $120 which is slightly higher than that of the G15 [$100] but still cheaper than the fancy G19.

After the G510, we have the G700 Gaming mouse which is an apparent update of the G7 wireless mouse. Similarly, they are both wireless mice but with a few differences. The G700 has a 13 programmable buttons located in convenient places all around the mouse that enable users to program various mouse clicks in all sorts of applications. The G700 features 1000 reports per second which means that even on wireless you can still get great gaming performance.  Also, the G700 allows you to charge the mouse while you use it when attaching the USB cable. This feature also increases the performance of the G700 when response times need to be even more accurate or when wireless interference is an issue. Overall, the G700 packs all of the features that all of Logitech?s great mice have into one package while at the same time adding some features that they have been missing. The G700 should retail for $100 dollars when available in the near future. This is considering that the G7 is no longer sold and the nearest comparable mouse?s MSRP is also $100.

Finally, we have the G930 wireless gaming headset which is an update to the previously released G35 gaming headset. Upon looking at the two, there don?t appear many differences except for the fact that the G930 is a completely wireless solution. In addition to that, the G930 has improved the microphone features including a microphone mute light. We don?t really expect the G930 to replace the G35, but rather be the wireless compliment to it only selling for $30 more MSRP at $160. While this price may be a bit steep, the headset is indeed wireless and packed with a slew of gaming features.

See the video below for a detailed look at these products.