Motorola Droid 2 to Arrive on August 12th


Leaked images of a Best Buy comparison page indicate a hard street date of August 12th. This means that the first Verizon device to launch with Froyo [Android 2.2] will come a little over a week after its predecessor got the 2.2 update. This closeness of the two devices getting Android 2.2 should spawn countless reviews comparing the Droid and Droid 2. From the specifications that Verizon has released these two devices don?t quite appear to be a world apart from each other especially considering that they?ll both run Froyo.

Motorola Droid 2 Looks Just Like a more Curved Droid 1. Picture Credit: Android Community BlogThe Droid 2 has a 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP [Open Media Application Platform] 3640 SoC which is 450MHz faster than the original Droid?s 550MHz clock speed. Many consumers may not necessarily be excited about this new offering from Verizon simply because of the fact that there are countless other devices out on Verizon?s network with bigger screens, better cameras. On top of that, many people have been able to overclock their Droid devices to Droid 2 clock speeds which further decrease many people?s desires to upgrade to a device that doesn?t really offer much more other than a higher clock speed. Considering that many Droid users overclocked their Droids to Droid 2 speeds, it almost seems pointless to upgrade to the Droid 2 considering that both devices will be getting Android 2.2.

For those who don?t want to give up a QWERTY keyboard [such as myself] we would recommend you wait and see what other devices come out from other carriers. There should be a Galaxy S class device coming from Samsung in the near future, but that will be on Sprint?s network. The Samsung Epic 4G should give the Droid 2 a run for its money in a various array of ways.

We would anticipate, though, that most people on Verizon?s network will stay on it and therefore accept the minor improvements on the Droid 2 as worth upgrading to. There is no doubt that most users who would upgrade from the stock Droid to the Droid 2 would notice a significant increase in performance, but the form factor remains almost identical and performance is still tbd.