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Android, Apple, RIM and SlingBox make a tasty Dish

Got a Dish? Got an "i" something? Are you an RIM devotee, or got an Android-based phone? If so, you are poised to be invited to a feast. If Gordon Ramsay’s Hell?s Kitchen, or the Naked Chef, Jaime Oliver, is your cup of tea, or if you devour CSI episodes, or eat up the girls in GoDaddy ads, you?ll not go hungry when out and about. Dish Network will be serving up all your favorite TV programs on your mobile device come fall.

You?ll be able to access Dish Network satellite TV programs via Wi-Fi on your hand held. Dish is promising apps to make this possible. The downside is you also have to pop for SlingBox. That?s a device that delivers content from a set-top box to Internet-connected devices or a Dish Network digital video recorder. Your wallet may be lighter by $180 – $300 as a result. More hardware or upgrades could run around $400, but the mobile service will be at no charge.

The Dish Network may not be sitting at the head of the table of pay-TV providers, but it?s trying harder. In 2007, EchoStar Communications, the parent, acquired Sling Media. At CES Las Vegas 2009, Dish announced "the world’s first SlingLoaded HD DuoDVR, their ViP 922, the first high definition digital video recorder that incorporates placeshifting technology." In January of this year on CES 2010, Dish added the Slingbox 700U to its menu. The 700U is small and advertised as easy-to-install, using a USB on an existing set-top box, plus it self configures.

For those hooked on cooking shows, day-time soaps, sports on-the-go, or Comedy Central while at a cocktail party, having access on your smartphone should be very attractive.