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MSI GTX 460 Hawk to Clock at 1GHz?


MSI has been working hard to improve their lines of overclocking products. This has been none more evident than in their overclocking GPU line of products. Their first successes in this field were with the overclockers? favorite MSI 5870 Lightening Edition. When these cards were released they crushed all of the records in sight and were sought after by many overclockers at the time of their release because of their overclocking potential.

So far, the majority of MSI?s successes in GPU overclocking have been in the ATi arena but that appears to changing. With the recent release of the budget card from Nvidia, the GTX 460, that no longer stands true. The GTX 460 has opened the floodgates for AIBs to create very overclockable products as the GTX 460 has shown to have quite a bit of overclocking potential. And with this, MSI has taken the opportunity to create the GTX 460 Hawk which from current leaks shows to clock in at 1GHz.

The MSI GTX 460 Hawk PCB – Image Credit

Taking a look at the card?s PCB we notice a 6-phase VRM and an 8-chip memory configuration. That means it will likely have 1GB of RAM and double the voltage regulation modules of the reference design. This likely is part of the reason for the success of the board in its ability to overclock. As of yet, there isn?t anything official so at this point we?d simply say that we hope these leaks are indeed accurate and that we can?t wait to possibly get one of these cards in our lab to compare it against all of our other Nvidia and ATi graphics cards to see how it stacks up. Also, as an added note it appears that MSI has opted to add additional connectors to allow for the monitoring and adjustment of various voltages possibly through a sort of control panel or simply just for monitoring.

MSI Afterburner overclocking utility showing 1GHz core and 2GHz shader clocks – Image Credit