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In Former Soviet Union, Torrent Site Names You!

It isn?t uncommon for cities to change their names in order to garner some attention as was noted by the changing of Topeka?s name to Google. Today, another city has changed its name but this time only after being bought by the popular Russian torrent site TorrentReactor.

The town that Torrent Reactor bought is called Gar. Upon searching it on Google maps you will be redirected to the ?Village Gar?.  If you attempt to get directions to and from this place, Google simply tells you tough luck. This is just to give you an idea of where Gar is and how hard it is to get to Gar.

Upon reviewing the location we can determine that this little town of 214 people really doesn?t have much going for it. Because of this, being renamed to TorrentReactor is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the town. According to sources, the town only has 3 computers  in the entire village and only one is connected to the internet via dial up. The cost of buying the town, $148,000 will in theory all go towards improving the infrastructure and TorrentReactor has agreed to pay $30,000 to get broadband brought to the village as well.

TorrentReactor in Russian. Image Credit to Torrent Freak.

Currently, though, there are no official confirmations of such actions from the local authorities? especially considering their remoteness so it may take some time to confirm whether or not they have actually purchased the village and renamed it.