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New OkCupid User Survey Finds Interesting Trends


We here at BSN* are always amused by the ways that technology is used and how technology can affect someone?s life or vice versa. Enter the OkTrends survey which has compiled a detailed dataset that pulls from 3.5 Million active members.

This survey titled, Don?t Be Ugly By Accident! covers many different types of technology that affect the dating site and users? preferences. The first finding that OkTrends found pertained to the specific brand of the camera used by their users and which ones were found to be the most attractive by pulling from 552,000 example user pictures. This data was extracted from the EXIF data that details a whole slew of information including the camera make and model. Expectedly, the majority of the cameras that were in the top categories were interchangeable lens dSLRs. If we look at this comparison, we can see Panasonic surprisingly leading the pack with Leica, Canon and Pentax. After those, Nikon and Sony brought up the rear in the dSLR category with the Minolta coming in between the camera phones and the point and shoot cameras.

Image Credit : OkTrends

Once that had been covered, they also compared the relative attractiveness of people with different cameras. As such, there is a similar trend showing that interchangeable lens cameras get a higher attractiveness rating than point and shoot cameras and all of those are higher rated than camera phones. Also, as subjects aged? the delta between the three seemed to narrow.

Image Credit : OkTrends

The next thing that OkTrends covered was which users had more sexual activity based on their smart phone brand. This is definitely an interesting albeit very useless statistic for most unless you?re developing some sort of a dating application. The conclusion that they drew was purely based on 30 year old members that way it wasn?t a matter of age and the sample was fairly specific. In addition to this, that is likely to be closer to their focus group rather than say? 18 year olds.

Image Credit : OkTrends

From this specific data, we can conclude that 30 year olds that are more sexually active tend to be iPhone users and those that are least sexually active are Android users. This may make some people that own Android based phones feel unhappy or make iPhone users more proud of their ownership, but in the end? Android is still quite new and this is only one age group.

Image Credit : OkTrends

They then proceeded to compare the ages of different mobile device users and compare their amount of sexual partners to their age and drew up a nice little graph to show that once again iPhone users in general have more sexual partners than BlackBerry or Android users. So, from that we can simply draw a hasty conclusion that Android users are just geekier and get less action? In all honesty we don?t know but this data can be very useful for market research of mobile applications and overall preferences.

This was definitely an interesting survey that OkCupid via OkTrends has run and we hope to see more in the future as they are extremely interesting and show our relationships with technology and how they affect our lives.

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