Hydrogen-powered Phones Becoming a Reality?


Hydrogen what? You read it right, the greenest phones out there. No more: ”Talk to you later, my battery is running low.” – disclaimer that is all too familiar to tens of millions of smartphone owners.

Angstrom's Hydrogen fuel cell prototype based on Motorola cell phoneMore than two years ago stirring news was that the French and Japanese R&D teams finally developed a hydrogen fuel cell which can be used as a backup power source for mobile phones.

The hydrogen fuel cell uses a hydrogen-filled cartridge which can be carried in a pocket. Each cartridge gives up to five recharges of the traditional battery for just 10 minutes of charging. Today, only few companies are either saying they really have something to demonstrate or they are in development. Among these companies is Canadian Angstrom Power Inc. and the smartphone giant Motorola.

However, there are few concerns regarding the safety, and one cannot forget the remote possibility for a hydrogen explosion. Other question is where to recharge my fancy gadget. Those questions are yet to be answered. Then again, it is not that Lithium-Ion batteries don’t catch fire if they overheat.

I hope the predictions made by Angstrom and Motorola are true and that we will see a new generation of mobile phones. These phones would be one step closer to real hydrogen power. Who know, maybe one day we will use water as car fuel or drive electric cars with non-flammable batteries. 😉