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Operate Your BlackBerry – Wirelessly


It is a general fact that I am totally crazy about my BlackBerry Curve. I never knew how many handy gadgets I could use with my Blackberry could possibly exist on one site. However, on BlackBerry Source one can find anything and everything your mind can imagine for your CrackBerry. It might possibly be the world’s largest selection of Blackberry Accessories.

iLane Intelligent Voice Device
iLane Intelligent Voice Device makes your drive safer… for a price.

One of the gadgets that really caught my eye is iLane Intelligent Voice Device. iLane wirelessly connects to your BlackBerry. It enables you to open, listen and respond to email and SMS messages, make phone calls and edit your calendar appointments. You can even hear latest news, sports [Associate Press] and weather [The Weather Network]. All you need to do is ask for what you want iLane to do. It comes really handy while driving or if you are required to go hands free.

You can power iLane just by using a simple cigarette lighter slot. One of the cool things is that iLane uses 256-bit AES Encryption to ensure all communications are contained within your vehicle, so hopefully – no sniffing out data. iLane is compatible with not only Bluetooth enabled BlackBerries, but will also work with hands-free Bluetooth systems including headsets and in-car systems.

Unfortunately, every story has a down side, and in case of iLane, we’re talking about the price. The intelligent voice device will run you up to $399 [7100], with $299 being the entry level model [6100]. However, I consider it as an investment. Better be safe on the road than sorry later.

It could be a problem for people who talk to themselves though.