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iPhone Users have More Sex. Seriously!?

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What happens when your favorite gadget is being grilled by the media and friends? Time for taking a trip to the nice "sex, lies and statistics" section and spin the story in a way that will gather the attention of just about everybody. Note this quote: "The fact that iPhone users have more sex than others."

Now, where is the big news there, as everyone is eagerly talking about it as if it was found a cure for cancer or something that will permanently stop the spreading of oil from a certain place in the ocean. Really, something is very wrong here. Sour pickle season is a common term for news coming hitting the wire in summer weeks of July and August, but this one was a bit over the top.

Unlock me...On the other hand, of course, this can be a very good  [and needed] marketing gimmick by Apple or just an apple fanboy. As we all know: "any publicity is good publicity" as long as you are talking about it, and especially if it’s for free.

Now, could it be that young people already hooked on Facebook and other social networks – would hurry to the Apple store and buy their own iPhone, thinking that will bring them a better sex life – while Apple folk be satisfied and rub their hands because of all the naive sheep who will buy the last available box with their new flaw[less] iPhone?

According to real statistics, somehow it seems that Google Android picked up so much steam – that something had to be done. And of course, iPhone doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard which is oh-so in demand by 16-24 year olds.
Perhaps this blog piece was somekind of mental satisfaction that iPhone users can now have: "hey, you are not just getting f******by Apple, but you are also f****** someone in real or virtual life."

Unfortunately, the truth is very simple – if you have the posture and the story, you can pick up girls or guys, and the phone or whatever else gadget – will stay where it is supposed to be if two people are going to have a good time: in pants or inside a purse.

We’ll leave you to ask yourself what came [pun intended] before: iPhone or sex? Some of folk out there obviously still don’t know? coming to that, I think it’s time for me to go out and guys, I don’t want to hear about your phone or a car. I can buy that myself. Got anything else to talk about?

//End Rant