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Portable GPS Tracker

What happens if you combine a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver? A portable GPS Tracker. Several manufacturers use the GPS module to store appropriate information on the built-in flash memory chip.

Think of this device as a "USB Flash Stick Plus" that you can simply plug in a computer and download data. The GPS data can be imported in Google Earth and you’ll see where it has been as well as how long it was there etc.
The coolest thing about the GPS Tracker is that there are no batteries. You can recharge its built-in Lithium-Ion Battery just by plugging it into your computer. One full recharge can last up to eight weeks.
The three main differences influencing the price of different TrackSticks are:

  • Battery life
  • Power source[AA batteries, computer recharge, connection to vehicles power]
  • Memory size

Many companies are producing their own version of Portable GPS Tracker among which is Telespial Systems [TrackStick], RE Williams Inc. [GPSTrackStick.com] and many more. The fonfusing thing for the consumer is that nearly all manufacturers call their products with the same name, and you can buy a device with 1-128MB memory just based on name [and pay insignificant difference in price]. We saw prices ranging from $35.00 [with only 8MB of memory] to $289.95 with 1MB – so be careful.

Some GPS trackers don’t have the option of monitoring remotely live in real time from ay computer with internet connection like ‘real’ GPS trackers.

Portable GPS Tracker is perfect for tracking your trips and journeys, planning your running routes and we would not call it ideal for tracking down your kids, cheating spouse or a nanny. As a passionate mountain climber and bike rider, this might be the perfect lightweight GPS-enabler? you’ll know the feel if you had any of large [and expensive] GPS devices dropping while riding or running.