All Praises to The USB Port

One tiny universal port changed the world almost 15 year ago. The Universal Serial Bus commonly known as USB was invented by Ajay Bhatt while working for Intel in 1995.

Today USB is the most successful interface in the history of personal computing. We all use it all day every day. It is the one thing that many would consider impossible to imagine your day without. There are few gadgets on Earth that cannot be connected with your computer through USB port. I recharge everything through USB (mp3 player, mobile phone, camera, alarm clock etc.)

USB Air PurifierThere are all kinds of useful and useless gadgets. Among the useful ones, one gadget in particular caught my eye, the USB Anion Air Purifier. It is quite cute gadget. The gadget claims to be able to purify air in 20m2 area by emitting healthy negative ions into the air. You just plug your air purifier into your computer and that?s it. No more dust, mold or sweaty coworkers. The gadget will cost you only $19. There is also the USB Ionic Air Purifier.

One can really be confused though through all of the questions that may arise. Where should I plug in everything? Should I then consider buying a multiple Port USB hub? It really does get quite confusing. In most cases, though these devices draw all of their power through the USB port which is primarily what enables them to work. Because of this fact, many USB hubs will not support more than a certain amount of USB gadgets or any.

Smoking is not good for your health, can USB make it any better? We all know the answer to that. At least there is no smelly residue.The important thing to always check for when trying to plug in a USB based gadget into a hub is to make sure that your hub is delivering enough current to the USB device. The best solution, though, is to simply opt for a powered USB hub. This will enable you to use your USB hub for not only a device or two but a whole slew of devices without ever worrying about under-powering them.

What about USB smokeless ashtrays?  Now, you don?t have to move from your computer at all.

The USB world is a strange world indeed. In a way, I even believe that Ajay Bhatt did not expect how prolific his invention would become.