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Be Careful of What You Don?t Like on Facebook


On Facebook ya gotta ?Like It?. Until recently there?s been no other choice. There?s a new app that promises a ?Dislike? button. But beware…

If you fall for the bait, your personal info may go along with your request. You?ll be asked to complete a survey, fake of course, that adds a $5 a month surcharge to your mobile phone bill. After responding to the questions, such as What you do for fun, a standard social networking query, you can enter your mobile phone number ? Bingo, you just signed up for the charge. Didn?t Mom always tell you to read the fine print?

If you get past that point without hesitation, you are led to believe the link to a Firefox ad for FaceMod is real. It isn?t. The real FaceMod, who develops add ons for web browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, denies having anything to do with the bogus offer. You actually can get a legitimate Dislike Button app from FaceMod ? for free ? which it advertises as the ?original and only reliable Dislike Button for Facebook.? First released in November 2009, the latest version 1.5 was out in February 2010. A new version with bug fixes is promised.

Today?s news release on FaceMod?s site states: FaceMod does not require a user to fill out a survey, is not affiliated with this Scam and urges users to avoid unofficial posts .The Dislike button can be downloaded directly at our official site in a free, easy, and secure process.

TechNews World explored why Facebook can?t identify and prevent bogus apps. They say Facebook has always had the ability to block third-party applications from its site. However, security continues to be an issue for social networking sites. The Facebook Security page warns: "beware of the fake Facebook ‘dislike’ button. As always, we advise you not to click on suspicious links on Facebook." Apparently not enough users read, or heed, such information.