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Benito Mussolini: #2 Book on Italian App Store


Did you know that a book about Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is the #2 item on the Italian App Store? If that didn’t disrupt your daily news flow, you should know that Apple’s curated mobile bazaar also hosts a number of potentially offending e-books that some could argue spread hatred and promote violence, such as the e-reading materials which detail the lives of Spanish military general and dictator Francisco Franco and Argentina’s military leader Che Guevara.

A Tavola Con Il Duce for Apple's iPadAccording to Cult of Mac’s Nicole Martinelli, the #2 item on the Italian App Store – titled "A Tavola con Il Duce" – contains a bunch of photos, anecdotes, and seemingly benign material like the recipes liked by the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

This is basically the "iPad version of the 2004 book written by Sophia Loren?s sister, Maria Scicolone, who was married to il Duce’s son Romano Mussolini," Martinelli wrote. She also noted that a bunch of Mussolini apps "stormed the Italian iTunes store" and can be still found there, despite protests by Holocaust survivors.

Most of the aforementioned items are also available on the US App Store and other international stores. This news reached us just as we’ve learned that Google removed dozens of Nazi themes from Android Market following the public outcry.

Then again, who deciedes what should be controlled and censored, and what should not be censored? From one side, we hear numerous complaints on Apple censoring this and that, and when such censorship takes the back seat – again, it’s not ok. Each and every individual should have the right to see both sides and then decide with which one to go.