Zotac GTX 460 AMP Takes Top Clocks?


Zotac has been known for quite some time to do their best in pushing their cards to the brink. In many cases, this means that their AMP! edition cards are some of the fastest overclocked cards from all of the Nvidia AIBs. For Zotac, they have achieved nearly the fastest core clock of any GTX 460 graphics cards available to date. We have mentioned recently that the MSI GTX 460 Hawk may possibly come out at 1GHz, but at this point it is a rumored and TBA product. So as it stands, the Zotac GTX 460 AMP is the second fastest GTX 460 available.

This card clocks in at a lofty 810MHz core clock followed by a 1620MHz shader clock and a memory clock of 4GHz. This is in contrast to the stock Nvidia reference clocks of 675MHz core, 1350MHz shader clock, and 3600MHz effective memory clock. This means that Zotac has achieved a 20% OC on the core and shader while achieving a memory overclock of 11%. Because this card is the 1GB design, it has a wider memory bus running at 256-bit which means that this card should benefit from the increase memory speed and improve performance significantly. Looking at the other manufacturers, they are not far behind. Palit has an 800/1600/4000 card already for sale on newegg. There is also an EVGA card available that has a clock of 763/3800 card all of which should bench but a few percent lower than the AMP! edition. Since EVGA?s fastest card is still only a SuperClocked edition, there is yet a chance that a FTW edition is cooking in their labs with an even higher clock speed. In addition to those manufacturers, TGT, a division of Point of View also has an overclocked card that runs at 824/4000 but they are only available in Europe which is still quite a few of our readers and a sizable market.

Just looking at these numbers is extremely promising and we hope that Zotac prices this card appropriately enough to allow it to still be competitive against other AIBs as well as AMD?s offerings. We look forward to getting a chance to put this card up against any of the other GTX 460?s out there including the rumored Hawk from MSI. And we hope to compare it against the GTX 465, 470 and possibly even 480 just to see how much value these cards can really give gamers.

Needless to say, the GTX 460 has definitely spiced things up for Nvidia and their fans.