SanDisk Announces World?s Smallest 64GB SSD

The SanDisk iSSD is effectively the SSD that most embedded devices have been waiting for. The iSSD is smaller than a postage stamp in area and weighs up to 1.3 grams[64GB model]. This size isn?t necessarily new to anyone who has been dealing with embedded flash memory on devices except for this single iSSD in a single chip is capable of storing 64GB. This 64GB capacity will enable devices to communicate with it via the SATA interface which enables the 160MB/s sequential read and 100MB/s sequential write speeds. The SATA interface that they are using is SATA II v2.6 at 3Gb/s which means that these do not bottleneck.

In addition to being SMART feature support, these tiny little iSSDs support TRIM as well. This means that the performance is guaranteed to sustain itself over time and will not be subject to loss of performance over time as a result of the background garbage left when wiping cells. The 64GB model also has 40TBW longevity and that ratio of writes to capacity goes all the way down to the 4GB model with a 2.5TBW. The power consumption is also important as the iSSD consumes 60mW in sleep mode and 1win active power mode. SanDisk also states that the iSSD will draw 0.18w in average power usage situations. The iSSD will come with a 3 year warranty and support Windows XP, Windows 7 and Google Chrome OS. This last mention being a clear nod to the fact that we should likely expect these iSSDs to be in some tablet or another running Google Chrome OS.

As expected, since this is an embedded IC[Integrated Circuit] and since it will be using a BGA[Ball Grid Array] form factor there?s no chance of these being released to consumers directly. These will go straight to OEMs for integration into devices like smartphones, media players, and tablets. Also, in order to attain such a small SSD SanDisk used their 32nm fabrication process when making the chip. We would be interested to see, though, whether or not these could be put into a RAID array and made into a gigantic and super fast SSD.