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Intel Acquires McAfee for $7.7 Billion


With the stock market opening today, Intel announced that the company is acquiring popular computer security manufacturer, McAfee to the tune of 7.7 billion dollars i.e. $48 per share.

You can hear more about this acquisition in the following video:

Speakers: CEO of McAfee Dave DeWalt, Intel Spokesman Bill Kirkus and Intel’s SVP Renee James

The interesting bit about this deal is that now Intel became a major player in the services industry. McAfee has a lot of high-level security contracts that came into a bit of jeopardy after a large fallout that affected critical systems that used Windows XP as an operating system. It was confirmed to us by multiple sources that the anti-virus trouble affected many factories around the world, including ones by Mercedes Benz, BMW Alabama plant, and ironically, Intel themselves.

However, with Intel’s reputation as a company that executes, we’re quite certain that McAfee will have quite a strong backing to produce software to the highest standard. We view this as an ideal tie-up to Intel’s vPro strategy on the corporate side, as well as a lot of room on the consumer market, especially with the advancement of tablets and advanced phones – whose security is without any doubt, in great risk. If McAfee addresses this properly, the company is poised to continue its growth and impressive profit margin of 80%.

One thing to notice, though. In the YouTube video, McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt said that he doesn’t plan to abandon ship and that he intends to stick around for a long period of time. If he does not depart by August 30th 2012, we’ll know that he did not stay for the common-practiced cash-out two years after the merger.