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PoV/TGT to release "The BEAST": Record-clocked GTX 460


After his departure from EVGA, Hans-Wolfram Tismer assembled a team of skilled experts and launched TGT, a premier tuning brand for Point-of-View. The very first products that came out carried the fastest clock as of any air-cooled GeForce GTX 460, with GPU clock being at 824MHz, cores ticking at 1.65GHz and memory at 1GHz.

Today we heard that the company has started to ship a product known as "The BEAST". According to Wolfram, as the company will not ship parts that don’t carry at least 50MHz of overclocking headroom, and GTX 460/768 "The BEAST" is no exception.

The product will ship with a 850MHz GPU clock, i.e. 336 cores will tick at 1.7GHz. The memory clock isn’t known yet, but we were told not to expect below 1GHz QDR, i.e. 4,000 "MHz", resulting in a lot of gaming performance for your dollar? err? Euro.

Given that the part ships with air cooling, one can only wonder what will happen when the company launches JetStream-powered, liquid cooled graphics cards.

Pricing wasn’t known at press time, but it is a given that it will command a certain price premium over the vanilla GTX 460 boards.