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PowerColor Launches 5750-based HTPC Graphics Card


TUL Corporation’s graphics card brand PowerColor launched first low-profile graphics card based on AMD’s ultra-successful Juniper GPU: Radeon HD5750 Low Profile Edition. The board is specifically designed for use in Home Theater PCs [HTPC] or small form factor chassis [SFF PC] – yet offering a much higher level of performance than was previously available.

This niche part of the graphics market is receiving more and more attention and with HD5750 Low Profile Edition, gamers can actually get excellent gaming performance in both 720p and 1080p, resolutions tied to every "HD Ready" or "Full HD" TV out there.

The specifications didn’t change from the full-sized version: GPU ticks at 700MHz, while 1GB GDDR5 memory ticks at 1.15GHz QDR [Quad Data Rate], i.e. 4.6 GHz. In order to cool down the card with limited space, engineers opted for a dual-fan configuration. Naturally, going with a dual-fan design for a product designed to operate in quiet environment would be a beginner’s mistake, but our sources at PowerColor claim that the product is virtually silent.

A bit weird part of the whole setup is support for CrossFire – HD5750 LowProfile Edition also supports multi-GPU configurations, even though we’re not sure who would exactly go for a CrossFire setup in an HTPC. Then again, that option is there for the taking.

The card’s outputs are geared towards HTPC users – VGA for projectors, HDMI for everything else. DVI is also present in case this card is paired with a regular computer display.