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Facebook for iOS Now Runs on Over 100 Million iDevices

Today?s totally irrelevant piece of mind-boggling statistics comes straight from social networking giant Facebook which claims that over 100 million people are now using its mobile app on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Facebook for iOS AppChecking out the Facebook for iPhone page read "103,578,916 monthly active users" at press time. Steve Jobs said at the iPhone 4 unveiling in June that Apple would sell its hundred millionth iOS device later that month, meaning that the Facebook app is installed on virtually every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in active existence.

That makes the Facebook for iOS app pretty much the most-used program, the notion corroborated by the app’s continuous appearance on the top 10 list of free items on the App Store. Really, do you know anyone without the Facebook app installed on their iDevice?

If you’re wondering how competition fares, the answer is simple: Facebook for Blackberry is currently being used by 58,765,442 users, while Facebook for Android is installed and used on 12,080,206 phones. Check out the most-recent usage data on the Facebook for iPhone page.