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US Open to Broadcast in 3D


Following what can only be described as "Pioneering Year of Sport in 3D", Panasonic announced that the company will produce and broadcast US Open in 3D. To make the matters clear, not all games will be covered, as Panasonic will use their own production cameras and facilities.

Earlier this year, we saw Panasonic producing select events from Winter Olympics, PGA Golf Tour and lastly, NASCAR – in 3D and broadcasting them via DirecTV or even on-line.

The company signed a three-year sponsorship contract with U.S. Tennis Association and will be broadcasting select matches and games at US Open in 3D. Besides using its dedicated "n|3D" TV channel on DirecTV, Panasonic will also broadcast 3D versions of US Open semi-final and final matches live to hundreds of Best Buys, Fry’s and similar outlets in the U.S. during "National 3D Demo Days" event.
The "National 3D Demo Days" is an event held between Spetember 10-12, 2010, organized by CEA [Consumer Electronics Association, renown for CES trade show].

Unlike PGA Tour and NASCAR events, it is unknown if any matches will be available free for watching online at this point in time. It would be quite a good PR move if Panasonic would air semifinals and finals on-line, enabling all of us to see the 3D stream.