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Garmin Fires Up Your GPS – Beware


Garmin, the GPS device manufacturer, has issued a recall. Their Nuvi is causing some people potentially dangerous problems. If you are blazing new trails with your GPS, don?t? get too fired up. Batteries from an unnamed third party could overheat GPSand be a fire hazard. The problem involves a circuit board design.

Out of 796,000 units sold in the US, fewer than 10 have reportedly overheated, hardly enough to cause alarm – unless it is your GPS that starts burning. So far, no injuries or property damage has resulted.

Garmin Nuvi 250 RecalledIf your Garmin model is a 200W, 250W, 260W or 7xx or 7xxt [where xx is a two digit number] you should be heeding the recall. Most of the problems, however, involve discontinued models. If you have one of the older models, or are shopping for a used GPS, check out and key in the device?s serial number. Garmin warns customers to not try to remove or service the battery themselves. Instead, take it to a facility authorized by Garmin.

Garmin and the battery manufacturer will share the cost. They say it should not impact Garmin?s financial results, in case you own stock and are concerned. However, their revenue has already been down – reportedly with a fall of 17 percent in the second quarter – revenue and orders improved, but currency conditions affected the Swiss-based company.

Garmin is anticipating a brighter future – the result of glowing sales, not flaming batteries. The Nuvi 1690 is their latest offering. It includes preloaded maps, Lane Assist with junction view, hands-free calling and ecoRoute. In the U.S., each Nüvi 1690 comes with a free 2-year nüLink! subscription which provides gas prices, theater times, local events, and flight status so you don?t miss your plane.  All those features may warm your heart, and hopefully won?t heat up your battery.