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ASUS Leaks, GTS 450 Details Revealed


In less than two weeks time, nVidia is poised to introduce third silicon product based on the Fermi architecture. Known under codename GF106, this allegedly canceled part is set to power GTS 440 / 450 on desktop, and GT 445M and GTX 460M on the mobile side.

ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU - First official images of upcoming mainstream Fermi: GTS 450Confirming the rumored specs from last week, the very first "confirmed" specs come from TechConnect, who received a standard pre-dated press release containing details about ENGTS450 DirectCU.

As the name states, the part is based on GeForce GTS 450 GPU, consists out of 192 CUDA cores [single GPC] and is the first part that comes without reserve cores [GF100 ships with 32 disabled cores, GF104 ships with 48 disabled cores, i.e. a single SM]. This "helped" the die size, which measures in very large 238mm2 [its direct competitor, ATI Juniper is only 166mm2 in size].

The GPU itself is clocked at 783MHz, while the 192 cores tick at typical 2:1 [1.56 GHz]. That’s the fastest non-overclocked parts as far as Fermi architecture goes [GTX 460 – 675/1350, GTX 480 – 701/1402]. This means the parts might have quite a potential when it comes to overclocking. Do note that you’re limited with maximum of 150 Watts to play with [PCIe slot gives 75W, additional 6-pin connector gives 75W].

Being one half of GF104, we’re not surprised to see a 128-bit memory controller. ENGTS450 comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory that ticks at 900MHz in Quad Data Rate [3.6 GT/s] for a total of 57.6GB/s.

As far as pricing goes, this part will run you down for some 125 USD/Euro. As you might expect, nVidia’s GF106 will go head to head against best-selling AMD Radeon HD 5700 series. The problem with the price might be closeness to some heavily discounted GeForce GTX 460 boards, that went as low as $145 [after a rebate].

We’ll see what [if any] last-minute adjustments nVidia might pull to make this part even more attractive.