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Convergence is Everything: Big O Eats a Console

Origin, a small boutique creator of unique PC systems launched the Big O, a converging device bar none. The engineers at Origin PC took a high-end PC and merged it with an Xbox 360, water cooled the whole thing, which just fits perfectly in a living room of every biker or consumer that doesn’t like "off-the-shelf" living room design. If for instance, you’re a certain VP of design in charge of without any doubt, world’s most beautiful notebooks – and have 90% of your body tattooed with over 140 piercings to boot, your living room will just yearn for such as system.

TheXbox 360 inside The Big O PC Big O is consisted either of heavily overclocked Intel Core i7 or dual Xeon processors, all running up to 4.5GHz [individual systems will vary depending on cherry picked processors], up to 24GB of Corsair’s GT 2GHz DDR3 memory for up to theoretical 153.6GB/s of system bandwidth. Yes, that is almost the same bandwidth as a stock GTX 480.

If you’re high on graphics power, Origin put no less than four heavily overclocked EVGA GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards in Quad SLI mode. With Multi-GPU scalability significantly improved, we believe this is the ideal system for gaming and working on your $30,000 4K LCD display.

Now, imagine all of this PC performance combined with a liquid cooled Xbox 360 – meaning there are no games coming on PC or Xbox that you’ll miss, all running from the same system. We cannot imagine for a better converging device. Even though the setup starts at more than $7,500 – we believe this is just the start of merge between the two. For a dual-CPU powered system featured in CPU Magazine, you would need to shell out $17,000, a price of a decent sized car.

This system is the brainchild of one of the most well known system modders in the industry, Richard Surroz[aka Darth Beavis], he also happens to be a Senior Product Manager at Origin. When we first saw this build it just screamed his trademarks. His extensive experience in building and modding high-end computers is one of the reasons he has the backing of almost every single hardware manufacturer out there. In addition to that, he also has extensive experience with watercooling and this experience is not only limited to his modded PC builds but also his modded Xbox builds.

The Big O in all of its Beauty
The Big O in all of its Beauty

However, this system is akin to a Porsche 911 GT3 R KERS: you know it costs too much, it consumes too much, but technologies used in that car will come down the path and end up in your car – and will be much more efficient and eco friendly than the Prius.

The Big O is definitely, a 911 GT3R or Ferrari 599 HY-KERS: it combines the best of both worlds, an fantastic PC and a fantastic console. Personally, I’d love to see Big O coming with a PS3 [you’ve guessed it right: Gran Turismo 5], but this setup is simply amazing.

Now, when Origin finds a quality strategic partner to drive down the cost and raise volume with a liquid cooled PC plus Console in an HTPC form factor, convergence will happen overnight. Sorry console world, PC just ate you. Resistance is futile.