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nVidia and USTA to Stream US Open Finals in 3D for Free

Few days ago, we ran a story on collaboration between Panasonic and United States Tennis Association [USTA], stating that Panasonic will produce live broadcast for US Open Semi-finals and Finals using 3D technology, and that the broadcast will occur on DirecTV 3D channels, in order to sync up with the national 3D weekend event at electronic stores across the United States.

Given the interesting relationship between Panasonic and nVidia in terms of 3D Vision technology, we wondered will nVidia achieve the same agreement with USTA as it did with NASCAR and PGA in previous streamed events?

US Open Finals coming to you in 3D - streamed online
US Open Finals coming to you in 3D – to be streamed online for users of 3D Vision

The answer is – yes. Brian Burke of nVidia fame informed us that the company teamed up with USTA and will stream US Open Finals for North American owners of 3D Vision Technology. In order to stream the finals, you need to use the latest version of 3D Vision Player, and click on this link, select the bandwidth capacity and enjoy. Do note that the bandwidth capacity selection will only become enabled when the actual broadcast start.

Now, legally this stream is available to viewers in the United States only – as one would expect. However, if you know how to watch an online video service such as Hulu from outside of United States *wink*wink*, you’ll know how to override this limitation as well.