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FanVision Puts NFL Instant Replay in Your Hand

Following the great success of KangarooTV in the field of Formula One handhelds, the company quickly expanded and recently launched its device for the National Football League [NFL]. FanVision is a handheld device being debuted in a few National Football League stadiums this season. It streams live football on a digital TV channel at 8.4 Mbps as you sit in the stands, or tailgate in the parking lot.
Looking a bit like a smartphone with a 4.3 inch screen, the device is Wi-Fi enabled with a USB port for loading updates as they become available. You can get on-demand content channels with a variety of instant replays, dedicated camera angles, live out-of-town games, local audio broadcasts, in-game highlights, NFL Red Zone, NFL Scoreboard, game and player stats realtime direct  from the NFL. You?ll also have access to fantasy football. Be aware, this is not an at-home, couch potato, surfing device. It only works within the venues that are enabled with FanVision broadcast technology. To avoid bandwidth jams, FanVision uses broadcast UHF video channels instead for quality feeds.
NFL Teams covered by the Kangaroo TV "FanVision" Device
Miami Dolphin fans got to preview FanVision last year. Coincidentally, the Dolphin?s co-owner, Stephen Ross, also is behind FanVision. This season 11 more stadiums will offer content to fans. If you aren?t up on logos, in addition to the Dolphins of the AFC East, there?s the Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets; NFC North ? Bears, Vikings; NFC West ? Seahawks, Cardinals; NFC East ? Eagles; AFC West ? Broncos; AFC North ? Cleveland Browns; and one university ? Michigan. As far as the NFL goes, that?s only 11 teams out of 32 possibilities.
Kangaroo TV's FanVision Device
Kangaroo TV’s FanVision Device
You can pick up a device for the introductory price of $199, later to be $249. You can get accessories, such as earbuds, and wall or car charges for the six hour battery. The catch is that every year, you must pay a subscription fee for it to work. This is quite different to the rest of the world, where the device is mostly being rented out at the sports event itself – but the advantage is that you own the device and it didn’t pass through hundreds of hands before it came to you for the event.