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CES 2011 to Highlight Lifestyle Series


Yes, it is time to start thinking about CES 2011. The lights of Las Vegas beckon again, technology is in the air. Mark Jan 6-9 and plan for head for sin city, for a peek at the latest, and, so they say, the greatest in technology.
Various Lifestyle Series hit on fitness, kids, moms, education, health, seniors, and for fun, mobile apps and gadgets.
Fitness Tech concentrates on using technology to make workouts and outdoor activities, safer, more fun, and more effective. No more "Digital Couch Potato" syndrome. Fitness Tech encourages you to get up, get out, and move.
Kids At Play on CES 2011 trade show

Kids@Play considers the digital world surrounding children. eBooks, schoolwork, social networks are all impacted by technology. Speakers will explore the benefits and dangers inherent in them all.
Mommy Tech claims that American mothers use five or more forms of technology daily, from the expected smartphones and netbooks to automatic bottle warmers and high-tech strollers. The conference will focus on how to tap into this market segment.

HigherEd Tech looks at how colleges are adapting technological tools to recruit students and serve them better with e-texts and virtual labs. Dialog between leaders in education, journalism, technology and public policy will showcase the possibilities available to 21st century education.

Digital Health Summit examines the convergence of technology and healthcare. Detecting, diagnosing, and confronting disease, managing patient care, and lowering costs are all considered from a technological point of view. Remote patient monitoring and providing medical attention from a distance are among the topics, and exhibits in this series.
Silvers Summit hasn?t forgotten the baby boomer generation. Providing our elders with a good quality of life by using technology to engage, entertain, and connect them to the world is discussed. Grandparents and caregivers alike can view demonstrations that will help seniors manage as they age.
Mobile Apps Showdown gives each producer two minutes to demonstrate their product. The audience selects the winner via an applause-o-meter. Similarly, last, but not least as they say, Last Gadget Standing is a crowd favorite. The competition is usually stiff, and contestants try to show that their product is the most likely to change the face of technology.