Chattanooga, TN to Offer Fastest Internet in the USA

We have received an interesting press release coming from the lovely city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The place where I had one of the finest sushi dinners and a fantastic experience in the local full-sized IMAX theater, is now becaming famous for something else: the fastest Internet in United States, something we would call the real Chattanooga Choo Choo Express train. Gigabit Express, to be more precise.

Chattanooga Choo Choo Express Train Goes Gigabit... for all
Chattanooga Choo Choo Express Train Goes Gigabit… for all

Tom Edd Wilson, President of Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce praised EPB Fiber Optics, Chattanooga’s miunicipally-owned FTTX company [Fiber To The Location] and Alcatel-Lucent for creating a backbone that will enable 1 Gibabit Internet access to homes and offices in the greater Chattanooga area. Harold DePriest, CEO of EPB said a lot of good words about the service but in reality, there is only one thing they could have said – large ISP’s would never allow them to move at this speed, and founding a municipally-owned ISP was the best call this nine-county area had made – and will probably send shockwaves throughout United States as this is evidence that municipally-owned ISP’s can move bits more than 200 times faster than averages given by the industry juggernauts.

For $350 a month, this symmetrical 1000Megabits per second/ 97MegaBytes per second service will be available to the businesses and residents inside the 600 square mile, nine county service area. While you can get cheaper 1Gbps services in several areas in the world, such as Stockholm in Sweden, where my best friend Alan and his wife Alisa are enjoying 1Gbps service for 100 Euro, i.e. $129 – but it is still over 200 times faster than the U.S. national average for slighlty more than double the cost of what Verizon will charge you for a 50Mbps down, 20 Mbps upload service [where available].

On a personal note, I take my relative Kurtis just stopped being all too thrilled about moving from the Chattanooga area to Sydney, Australia. True, the view of Sydney Marina is just to die for.