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Western Digital Gives Away Free Acronis True Image to Customers

Western Digital has further improved the overall value that they give to their customers by giving away free Acronis True Image WD Edition Software to all of their customers. This isn?t the first time that WD has made this software available to their customers. In the past, they gave free CDs and DVDs and bundled them with their products.

Now, though, you can simply head on over to WD?s support page for Acronis True Image WD Editon and download it direct from their site following their simple instructions. Also, there is not complicated process involving serial numbers or part numbers – as it ties to detecting a Western Digital drive or not. Simply hit download and continue with the process. The current version of Acronis True Image Home 2011 retails for $49.99 which really increases the value of any WD purchase made today, tomorrow, or even yesterday.

Acronis is one of the best and easiest to use pieces of software out there today when it comes to drive imaging, backup, and recovery. We have, in the past, used this software especially a lot when migrating from old hard drives to newer ones. This software allows for an easy and seamless transfer of data from one drive to another which is why we believe that WD is making the entire process so simple and easy. There is a disclaimer, though. This version of Acronis True Image is a special Western Digital Edition which is actually based off of Acronis True Image Home 2009 backup, restore and disaster recovery. This means that it isn?t necessarily the full version but it performs all of the functions that most users would ever need when trying to migrate drives, backup drives, or simply run a few diagnostics.

Acronis True Image WD Edition Software helps you to completely clone your current system drive onto your new WD hard drive. Cloning makes an exact copy of your old system drive on your new WD hard drive, including the operating system, applications, data, preferences, and email settings. Everything will be present and operate exactly as it did on your old hard drive. Acronis True Image WD Edition now supports WD Advanced Format Drives and ensures that all partitions are optimally aligned.

If you would like to check this out, we recommend you head on over to the Western Digital site.