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PlayStation Move Taken Apart, Analyzed


Expanding their Console Repair Database, the service experts at iFixit tore down Sony’s PlayStation Move. This controller finally represents an answer to Nintendo’s runaway success with their simple move-based Wii controller.

Tearing down the Sony PlayStation Move - What Sony hides behind the bonnet?
Tearing down the Sony PlayStation Move…What Sony hides behind the bonnet?

Even though the PlayStation Move brings many advanced features that move it ahead of the now legendary Nintendo’s controller, it’s not that Move brings something completely new to the market. During the teardown, engineers at iFixit discovered an uncanny "IPOD" mark on the PCB [Printed Circuit Board] itself. However, the "IPOD" mark was just a part of silkscreened "TRIPOD" marking, with "TRI" being hidden below the battery.

It is always interesting to see a bit of hardware porn, and this teardown is prime example of how to disassemble Sony’s latest stick.