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Breaking News: Jen-Hsun Announces CUDA for x86 Architecture

During his keynote speech, Co-founder and CEO of nVidia, Jen-Hsun Huang announced what was rumored for years – CUDA is [finally] adding the support for x86 instruction set.

After the settlement between Intel and the FTC, nVidia now feels they can go about and tap their fingers into the x86 ISA. For now, the support for x86 instruction set is going to be executed on compatible processors.

Knowing nVidia and the advancements that both AMD and nVidia are making with the GPU virtualization, we might soon see virtual machines running x86 CUDA code on the GPU silicon as well.

Naturally, this announcement means CUDA can be run on systems that feature AMD and Intel silicon as well. nVidia’s GPU needs to be present, though.

More to follow soon…