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AMD Wakes Up, to Host Tech Days in Taipei

For as long as we can remember, AMD’s way of showing up what’s the latest and greatest with the company was done through two ways: Analyst Days which are usually open for only a limited amount of press, and no tech partners etc – and piggy backing off "the other big blue" when that company brings press and analysts for its IDF show in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Looking through a looking glass, that was a wise use of resources for some, but it also sent a message that AMD is an "also ran" company, rather than one of industry heavy-weights and a leader in a lot of technology fields.

In the past couple of years, AMD organized a single gathering, every year in October time in Taipei. However, this time around the company decided to evolve the event into a fully-blown conference, which is going to be hosted between October 18-20, 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan.

This is a very good development for the company, and we gathered some positive feedback from the industry analysts we talked about. Truth to be told, most of them thought it was the same one day deal as last year – and were pleasantly surprised to hear that the Taipei trip is will be a real gathering of partners.

The question that lies on our heads though, can AMD really make its eco system and become a more pro-active company with their partners or not. It is not a chunk a change when you have over $100,000 in Magny-Cours CPUs, and nowhere to put them because the platform is buggy and companies such as Tyan, Supermicro and Asus didn’t know to invest in the platform or not – because they were uncertain the platform could succeed. If you start hearing from several companies, alarm bells started to ring in our heads.

There is still a long road to go in order for AMD’s CPU business to become as evolved as their GPU ecosystem, but hosting a real multi-day event is a good place to start.