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3D Glasses-free Display for Smartphones

One of the vendors at the GPU Technology Conference was MasterImage who is showing auto-stereoscopic 3D LCD technology for mobile devices.

In February 2009, MasterImage showed the world’s first commercialization of auto-stereoscopic 3D LCD display for mobile phones in the Japanese market. At the MasterImage booth, they were showing the Hitachi-branded phone by KDDI Japanese cellular services dubbed WOO Ketai H001. This phone has a 3D display and delivers auto-stereoscopic 3D content without the need to wear special glasses.
Hitachi Glasses-free 3D Cellphone
Hitachi Glasses-free 3D Cellphone
MasterImage 3D has developed and patented a special manufacturing process that allows for precise alignment between the 3D module and the display. Their equipment aligns each pixel of both panels with a maximum tolerance of 2 microns to ensure the highest manufacturing yield. Currently, MasterImage 3D cinema systems are used to deliver 3D releases of major Hollywood films all over the world.
MasterImage 3D patented TN-LCD-based auto-stereoscopic technology allows for direct viewing of 3D content on flat screen displays [TFT-LCD, PDP, OLED] without the need for glasses. Their Matrix Parallax display modules allow for the highest brightness and no crosstalk [ghosting]. The technology can offer both portrait and landscape modes in 3D. By utilizing TN-LCD technology, their displays can also switch between 2D and 3D modes.

Hitachi Wooo H001 mobile phone is equipped with a 3.1-inch auto-stereoscopic screen with a resolution of 854 x 480. This model of Hitachi cell phone measures 111 x 51 x 18.6mm and the display on it was a little thicker than most, due to components in the display area. The video clips on the demo phone was real 3D and no problems with angles. The unit is easy hold in our hand and we were able to adjust it and get the best image quality. In their booth they had an nVidia Tegra development platform as well as the Hitachi powered phone.
MasterImage's 3D Screen running on Harmony - codename for the nVidia Tegra 250 Development Kit
MasterImage’s 3D Screen running on Harmony – codename for the nVidia Tegra 250 Development Kit

We are looking forward to benchmarking this smartphone.