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Peter "Shamino" Tan Leaves EVGA?


Current reports are indicating that the overclocking legend, Peter Tan a.k.a. Shamino, has left EVGA. This comes after EVGA has had many internal shake ups regarding their Taiwanese motherboard team [engineers moving to Sapphire] and their European operations as well [reshuffling the EVGA Europe GmbH].

Shamino was originally operating out of Taiwan and there are indications that he may move to another Taiwanese motherboard maker as he has done in the past. Previously, Shamino was working for Foxconn [surely not because of horrible working conditions?] and eventually helped them develop a high-end line of boards until he left the company for EVGA in 2008. So, he does have a history of moving around and he likely may have done it on his own without any provocation.

Although we don?t necessarily know the details regarding the departure of Shamino, we can tell you that he is an extremely creative guy that knows what features overclockers are looking for. In addition to that, his design recommendations and community support are what allowed EVGA?s high-end offerings[classified] to compete with the big boys like ASUS and Gigabyte who have been waging the overclocking wars against each other for the past few years. Many of these Taiwanese motherboard makers have more than once expressed their uneasy feelings about EVGA and their progress that they made during the time that Shamino had worked for them. Now that Shamino has left EVGA, there is likely a collective sigh of relief from these companies and some of them are probably attempting to contact him as we speak to gain his expertise.

Motherboard manufacturers regularly use top overclockers to help them improve the overall stability and quality of their boards as overclocking is usually the most stressful activity any one consumer can do on a motherboard. They do this by having them test the boards or by involving them in the design process in some cases if they?re actually knowledgeable in the field of PCB design. In the case of EVGA, Shamino was responsible for helping them redesign their last nVidia-based motherboards and make them some of the best overclocking boards for that chipset. He also helped them make the move over to Intel based chipsets and make their first X58 based motherboard which got lots of praise from overclockers and gamers alike. Given the price premium EVGA commanded on their motherboards and graphics cards, the departures of tweaking gurus such as Pete Tersluisen from EVGA Europe GmbH and now Shamino – it will be interesting to see how EVGA will reposition themselves, since something is definitely up.

The thing that worries us the most about this, though, is that we worry whether it affect the lower priced boards from EVGA as well as their high-end offerings. Now that they?ve lost the majority of their motherboard team in Taiwan and Shamino as well, we have to wonder who?s left to continue the legacy of the boards like the X58 Classified and how will EVGA continue to be intelligently innovative with their new boards. We hope that they’ve got something cooking so that they don’t leave anyone hanging.