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Western Digital Launches Blizzcon Contest

For those of you unfamiliar with what BlizzCon is, we?ll give you a short rundown of what it is. Basically Blizzcon is a huge convention that is usually held at the Anaheim convention center is and is squarely founded on the games created by the popular game developer Blizzard. This includes that popular game series such as the Warcraft Series mostly ranging from Warcraft 3 to the most current version of World of Warcraft. In addition to the Warcraft Series, other popular games such as the Diablo Series and the Starcraft Series are usually crowd favorites.

Now that Starcraft 2 is officially out and has been available for a few months, there won?t likely be any sneak peeks at that game like last year. This year, we can probably expect more about Diablo 3 which was announced back in 2008 at a World of Warcraft tournament in Paris, France. Blizzard knows that most of their gamers are likely to switch between their different games that they offer, and as such are likely to make announcements about one game at another game?s event. In the case of Blizzcon, though, there really aren?t anything but high expectations for gamers as this event is usually seen as the go-to event when it comes to playing and seeing the next thing coming from Blizzard.

Getting to the actual contest, Western Digital will be giving away two tickets to the Blizzcon itself but you?ve got to work for them. In this contest, you will have to create and upload a video to YouTube explaining in your own way how Western Digital?s drives are the best for gaming and why you should receive tickets to Blizzcon 2010. There will also be 4 runners up who will receive a WD VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive as a consolation prize. So, even if you don?t win the tickets you can still win a very fast hard drive.