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Netflix Goes Canadian


Its first excursion outside the US has taken Netflix into Canada. However, Canadians can only get streaming video over the internet, no snail mail deliveries. Netflix promises a better catalog to sweeten the deal.
The company recently signed an agreement to provide theater releases in the US 90 days after they are available on premium channels and on demand services from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. Netflix also added movies from Nu Image [The Expendables] and Millennium Films [Wicker Man] to its streaming catalog that will be available when they go to on demand services.

La Tete en Friche - Netflix's Canadian movie lineup includes non-english speaking titlesCanadians will have different choices, including feature films from Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Pictures. Specific to the country, Canadians will have films from Alliance Films [L?arnacoeur], Maple Pictures, eOne, and Mongrel [La Tete en Friche] as well as US and Canadian TV programs.
Canadians can enjoy the offerings on the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation3 game systems, and this fall, Xbox 360. Of course, ?i i i i? is supported, as in Phone, Pad, Pod and Touch. Blu-ray disc players will work too, try Samsung and Toshiba. Still use an old fashioned computer – PCs and Macs are on the list. If that isn?t enough to satisfy your movie addictions, Vizio and Insignia should be able to access the service soon.

It is almost a "duh" to decide to only offer streaming to Canadian customers, and all others for that matter. Read: profit margin. Sure costs less than two-way postage. It will cost the customer CAD $7.99 a month, about a dollar less than it costs in the US. Streaming in the US goes for USD $8.99, but that includes DVD by mail as well.

Parlez-vous Francais? Not to worry. A French version is in the works to address the approximate 23 percent of Canadian citizens who speak French ? Quebec in particular.
Where will Netflix go next?  No word on those plans. Let?s see how the Canadian plan shakes out first. But with the Internet being the delivery medium, the world?s the limit.