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RIM Unveils BlackBerry PlayBook, on Sale in 2011


RIM’s CEO Mike Lazaridis had a Steve Jobs-like "one more thing" moment during his keynote at the Research In Motion DevCon 2010 conference. The maker of world’s second most popular smartphones [after Nokia’s Symbian series] unveiled their first tablet, called the BlackBerry PlayBook.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook promises full web experience
RIM BlackBerry PlayBook promises "full" web experience – read Flash 10.1 and HTML5

The 7" tablet carries a 1GHz dual-core processor and features a multi-thread capable operating system. Incredible how it may sound, it does not run on BlackBerry OS 6, but rather on a new operating system developed by QNX.
The move from old-school XScale-class processors running at a ridiculously low 624MHz [BlackBerry 9000 Bold, 9700 Bold, 9800 Torch] to a modern dual-core is more than welcomed by us here at BSN*. The BlackBerry PlayBook features standardized non-proprietary HDMI and USB ports, claiming to solve all the things Apple’s iPad is missing out, with one major fault: release date. Not only that, but it also has dual cameras[front and back] capable of video in Full HD.

While Mike was bullish on the PlayBook’s chances, the fact of the matter is that RIM is missing the boat – the company won’t launch until the first quarter of next year [in North America alone], with international expansion planned only in second quarter. This will pitch BlackBerry right against Motorola’s and HTC Tegra 250-powered tablets running Google Android 3.0 [Santana platform] and against 2nd gen devices from Samsung, LG and most importantly – Apple. This announcement is Blackberry’s attempt to stem the tide of enterprise customers wanting to equip their employees with tablets from Apple. Blackberry has finally given the enterprise class of users an alternative option to the Apple iPad. We simply need to wait and see whether the finished device will live up to it’s promises.

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