BenQ: Just Ask the Gaming Experts


When BenQ set out to design a new LED monitor for gaming, they went to the experts for advice. Who better to work with than Emil Christensen and Abdisamad Mohamed, respectively known as ?HeatoN? and ?SpawN?.

These two Counter Strike players are legendary in their respective game. If you want a great monitor for competitive gaming, ask the people who compete with them. A display device can make or break the game. A minor flaw, or a performance boost on the other hand, can affect whether you lose or win. So BenQ pulled together a team to avoid any gaming problems and enhance performance.

Three?s not a crowd when it comes to creating a winner. Zowie Gear?s professional gamer teams were there during product development and testing, with HeatoN, SpawN, and BenQ. Zowie, out of Denmark, says they don?t want to be the biggest, but just the best manufacturer of competitive gaming gear, even if it means only increasing a gamer?s performance by a single percent. They do this with mice, headsets, and even mouse pads. Zowie is emphatic: ?It?s not just a game.?

Sweden has done itself proud, producing two of the best Counter Strike (CS) players in the world. With 12 worldwide CS championships under his belt, SpawN has been a member of NiP and SK Gaming teams, utilizing his tremendous skill using AK. Zowie Gear also brought him into their design shop. Their mouse pads come in various sizes that range in price from 14.90 to 29.90 Euros, including the red Zowie Swift designed by SpawN himself to provide gamers with swift and precise movements. SpawN endorses the finished product, saying: ?I have tested it with both optical- and laser-mice and it works perfectly." Along with over 60 million other viewers, you can see SpawN on YouTube.

HeatoNHeatoN, now retired from the game, has shown off his talents as captain of Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) [not to be confused with NIP ? National Institute for the Psychotherapies although there could be some connection where gamers are concerned]. He was also in the SK group. Admired for his precise control of mouse movements during the recoil of the gun, he mastered the spray technique, and is known for the ?Flash bang trick?. Zowie used his talents in designing the HeatoN EC Series of mice. HeatoN explains: ?The mouse is probably a gamers most important tool, so it is important that you can trust it to deliver. We have put our focus on precision, stability, durability and comfort. No more excuses. It’s up to you now!"

With the help of these hands-on professionals, BenQ?s new LED monitor, the XL2410T, a 23.6 inch (16.9 Aspect Ratio) is ready for prime time. Its set of Gaming Display Modes includes the FPS mode (First Person Shooting), thanks to HeatoN?s and SpawN?s input. You?ll find two User Game modes for personalizing the settings. The monitor has two hotkeys. One changes the display mode: Full; Aspect; Overscan; 1:1; 17 inch; 19 inch; as well as 19 inch Widescreen and 22 inch Widescreen. The other, Smart Scaling, lets you adjust picture size in original input to the screen?s limit.

A fast 120Hz refresh rate enables better precision. Input lag is low, so shots are in sync with the screen visual. Motion blur is controlled by a quick 2ms GTG (OverDrive) with detailed dark and light environments made possible by a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 10,000,000.1. All this will be invaluable in deciding who receives the kill at the most vital moment.

With the new BenQ LED monitor, you can also watch two programs side by side with Picture by Picture (PBP). Better yet, the XL2410T also comes 3D-ready (nVidia 3D Vision certified).

This Saturday, if you happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden, drop by the Webhallens store to catch SpawN and HeatoN. They?ll be playing against their fans and fellow gamers in a shootout event to demonstrate the new BenQ XL2410T monitor.