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ElcomSoft Finally Does it: GPGPU Cracks a BlackBerry!

In case you didn’t know, there is a way to obtain commercial versions of professional tools that ElcomSoft is developing for their governmental customers. One such forensic tool was just released to the public.

ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker now cracks BlackBerry backups tooElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker i.e. EPPB offers "forensic access" not just to password-protected backups of all Apple mobile devices, which was "easy to crack", but also finally managed to crack the password protection deployed by Research in Motion, makers of popular BlackBerry smartphone.

Thus, if you forget a password on your Blackberry backup, now there is a way to get a hold of that data. By utilizing the unprecedented power of GPGPU, regardless of that coming from AMD or nVidia – this tool simply opens up your archives.

Given that the speed of recovering is measured in tens of thousands of password combinations per second, you can calculate several million passwords before your coffee cools down or your diet soda warms up.
Bear in mind that hacking into other people’s phone backups is an illegal activity, even if you’re parent guardian.

Having stated that, I admit that the technology works. I’ve used ElcomSoft’s other tool to break into my 5-year and 7-year old Outlook archives from the days of yore in VIDI and on The Inquirer – simply because I forgot my passwords. EPPB is the only tool that enables hacking into your own databases if you were? forgetful.