EVGA Launches X58 Classified3

EVGA has been known for their innovation and more importantly overclocking friendliness. As such, EVGA didn?t focus nearly as much on USB 3.0 or SATA 6G as other manufacturers had. Since the introduction of the EVGA SR-2 board, though, EVGA has been releasing new boards with USB 3.0 and SATA 6G support.

Some of these boards were merely re-releases of a previous board with the added interfaces. When it comes to the uses of USB 3.0 and SATA 6G, they are squarely put on the needs of the user allowing them more overall bandwidth for their internal RAID arrays as well as their external storage solutions. Even though Intel has chosen not to implement USB 3.0 in their chipsets yet, all of the motherboard manufacturers who use their chipsets have opted to add in the USB 3.0 and SATA 6G chipsets for the sake of maintaining the best performance edge.

When it comes to the EVGA Classified 3, what we see is that EVGA has simply taken the extremely popular X58 Classified motherboard [E760] and simply added two USB 3.0 and two SATA 6GB connections. While we absolutely praise EVGA for putting this in a board that would be considered to be one of their most popular, we also wish that they had done it earlier like their competitors ASUS and Gigabyte. In addition to that, the use of SATA 6G would likely be more valuable if more than 2 ports were provided… but that?s mostly a controller limitation and many manufacturers only have two SATA 6G ports. Even so, this board already acts as a replacement for the original ones which have been phased out in favor of this model.

In addition to that, they?ve added EVBot support on the board. EVBot is the overclocking tool that they?ve been using in the majority of their high-end boards post-Classified. I would state that the Classified was probably EVGA?s biggest and most significant foray into overclocking Intel boards and it started an entire bloodline of overclocking boards. It only seems reasonable, then, to update this board into a more modern and properly featured version. Our only gripe is that in order to find space for the USB 3.0 ports and the EvBot, EVGA killed the eSATA port which in many users? opinions is not dead yet just because of USB 3.0?s existence.

Also, unlike previous versions this Classified board comes with a pre-installed fan to make sure that the Northbridge heatsink remains cool under heavy use. When looking at this board, we?re glad to finally see the added things that would make the Classified3 the perfect performance board for nearly any enthusiast. Currently, the Classified3 is retailing for $380 on EVGA?s website and is available right now.