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Sony Ericsson Launches Viral Ad Campaign


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is probably their biggest and most significant foray into the Android operating system [other than the recently released X8]. Even though the product launched in Europe and Asia quite some time ago [read: quarters and quarters ago], they have begun to push the X10 harder in the US market. In Europe, X10 launched with Android 1.6 and the critics didn’t have nice things to say about the clearly outdated operating system. Currently, Sony Ericsson states that the X10 line of phones should get an update to Android 2.1[not 2.2?] in Q4[which we’re already in].

Given the level of investment made in order to succeed in the US, we weren’t surprised that Sony Ericsson launched a significant ad campaign to accompany it on TV and Facebook. These advertisements make fun of a specific stereotyped group but at the same time compare the X10?s ease of use against their expected competitors. These commercials are both informative and funny at the same time.

This one is about Models that get asked about smartphones and not matter if its staged or not, it?s hilarious.

And here are the obligatory cute children with smartphones, so easy a child can do it?

For more of these thoroughly entertaining advertisements, we recommend you head on over to Sony Ericsson?s YouTube page and look for videos titled Product Testing Institute.